Terms of Service


1.1 These general conditions (CG) govern the conclusion, object and execution of the contract concluded between the user of the Ebike Mont Pelerin system and Wattworld SA for the short-term use and rental of bicycles within the framework Mont Pelerin's self-service bicycle offer.

1.2 The latest version of the GTC is an integral part of the legal relations between Wattworld SA and the user and can be consulted online at any time at www.chardonne.ch.

1.3 The contact details of Wattworld SA are as follows:
Wattworld SA
158 rte d'Aïre
1219 Vernier
Tel: 022 43 43
Mail: info@wattworld.ch

Pricing and payment terms

2.1 The prices and tariffs of Wattworld SA's offers are expressed in Swiss francs and excluding VAT. The prices and tariffs respectively applicable for the use of the Ebike Mont Pelerin system can be found at www.mobliity-parc.net/m/welcome.do?communityID=139. Wattworld SA reserves the right to adjust prices and tariffs periodically.

2.2 The fees applicable for the period of validity of the subscription will be billed, debited from the credit card or bank account of any user holding a subscription.

2.3 The applicable user fees are calculated based on the actual duration of use between the rental and the correct and final return to the locations provided for this purpose. In the event of incorrect return of the bicycle and in the absence of notification to the helpline, the rental continues at the expense of the user.

2.4 In the event of late payment, Wattworld SA is entitled to suspend the user's access to its services until full payment is obtained.

Subscription and access to the system

3.1 Access by the user to the Mobility Parc system is carried out using a card or a smartphone application allowing the use of one or more bikes depending on the network.

3.2 The card and / or the use of the application is made available to the user after registration and payment of the subscription.

3.3 The card is personal and cannot be transferred. It must therefore be carefully stored.

3.4 The user is liable for any improper use of his card (use by a third party, for example) and the resulting damage.

3.5 The loss or theft of the card must be notified without delay to Wattworld SA.

3.6 In the event of loss, theft or deterioration of the card, a fee of CHF 20.00 will be charged to the user for replacement and / or for blocking his account.
< br /> 3.7 The user is required to notify Wattworld SA of any modification to his personal data (change of address, name, etc.) as soon as possible.

User account blocking

4.1 In the event of suspected abuse, Wattworld SA expressly reserves the right to temporarily or permanently block the user account without notice or reason. This also applies in the event of late payment by the user.

4.2 The reduction and / or reimbursement of subscription fees is excluded.

Daily subscription and occasional use

5.1 Non-registered users have the option of purchasing a daily subscription at dedicated points of sale or via the app. When purchasing the daily subscription, the user is required to provide accurate personal data and must in all cases present an identity document.

5.2 The daily subscription is valid for 24 hours without interruption from the rental of the first bike.

5.3 It is possible at any time to use a bicycle on an ad hoc basis via the application or a smartphone, in accordance with the specific rules governing occasional use. Payment is made directly on the phone bill or via the user's credit card.

Minimum age

6.1 The minimum age required to use the Mobility Parc system is 16 years.

6.2 The consent of a legal representative is required for minor users (under the age of 18).

Bicycle availability

7. Wattworld SA strives to keep the number of bikes available as high as possible.

7.2 However, the availability of free bicycles cannot in any case be guaranteed and the user cannot make any claim regarding the availability of bikes.

Bike condition check

8.1 Wattworld SA strives to keep the bikes in conditions allowing safe use and regularly carries out checks and maintenance work.

8.2 However, Wattworld SA declines all responsibility in the event of a defective condition of the bicycle. It is the sole responsibility of the user to check for any visible defects or damage (brakes, lights, battery charge status, etc.) on the bicycle before use. Any bicycle which is not in working order must not be used and any damage found must be notified without delay to Wattworld SA using the means made available, hotline, app, etc.

8.3 The user may be held liable for any damage not reported before using a bicycle.

Use of bikes

9.1 It is the personal responsibility of the user to ensure that bicycles rented using his card are treated with diligence and used exclusively for the intended use.

9.2 It is strictly forbidden for the user to use the bikes for illegal or unconventional purposes (races, stunts, etc.) and / or to make them available to third parties. The rental of several bikes by card on the networks concerned remains reserved.

9.3 The user is strongly advised to always wear suitable and clearly visible protective clothing (bicycle helmet, closed shoes, reflective tape) when using bicycles.

9.4 The user is obliged to observe and comply with the regulations (road traffic law, traffic code) at all times. The user is prohibited from carrying other persons on the bicycle.

9.5 The user is authorized to use the bikes only when they are in working order. The authorized blood alcohol level must in particular be respected.

9.6 The user's personal responsibility is engaged for any fine or damage resulting from improper use.

9.7 When returned, the bikes must be protected against theft and locked.

Return of bikes

10.1 The user is required to return the bicycle to one of the locations provided for this purpose in the dedicated Ebike Mont Pelerin stations.

10.2 In the event of incorrect return, the rental period invoiced to the user continues.

10.3 If the maximum rental period of 24 hours is exceeded, the bicycle is deemed to be stolen. The related costs then fall on the user.

Damage and theft

11.1 The user is liable for any direct or indirect damage (including loss due to theft) resulting from improper use of the bicycle attributable to him. If necessary, he is required to pay damages covering all damages. In the event of theft of an improperly locked bicycle, the minimum amount of damage is CHF 1,800.

11.2 We draw the user's attention to the fact that Wattworld SA does not necessarily hold the bikes and that in the event of damage, their respective owners are entitled to take legal action directly against the user. >
11.3 In the event of damage, the user cannot claim any compensation from Wattworld SA.

11.4 The user is required to report any possible damage, theft of a bicycle or accident to Wattworld SA without delay.

11.5 It is the sole responsibility of the user to take out sufficient civil liability insurance.


12.1 Wattworld SA declines all responsibility in the event of an accident and / or fall with a rented bicycle.

12.2 Any material damage caused by an accident and / or a fall must be reported to La Wattworld SA without delay. In the event of an accident and / or a fall resulting in injury or material damage to the property of third parties, the user is in all cases required to alert the police and complete an accident report. A copy of the completed accident report must be sent to La Wattworld SA as soon as possible.

Contract duration

13.1 The contract is concluded with the user for an indefinite period which may not be less than 1 year. After the expiration of the minimum duration, the contract can be terminated at the end of the following month with 30 days notice. Cancellation must be made in writing or by email.

13.2 If applicable, the annual fees already paid will be reimbursed pro rata temporis.

Liability of Wattworld SA

14.1 Wattworld SA provides its state-of-the-art services with the greatest of care and using suitable means. Wattworld SA, however, disclaims any warranty or liability as to any obligation of success or result vis-à-vis the user.

14.2 To the extent permitted by law and in the absence of criminal intent or gross negligence on its part, the responsibility of Wattworld SA cannot in any case be engaged with regard to its activities or those of its auxiliaries. Wattworld SA's liability is notably excluded for any indirect or caused damage to a third party.

User responsibility

15.1 The responsibility of the user is defined by these GTC and the applicable legal provisions.

15.2 All incidental costs related to damage such as repair, downtime or expertise costs also fall on the user.

Data protection

16.1 The user acknowledges that certain bikes are equipped with a geolocation system and that journeys may be recorded anonymously. The user expressly accepts the collection of this data.

16.2 Wattworld SA undertakes to comply with the applicable Swiss legislation when collecting and processing personal data. The user can at any time request access to his data and authorizes Wattworld SA to collect, process and exploit his data during the term of the contract.

16.3 Any disclosure of personal data is excluded.

Modification of the terms of uses

17.1 Wattworld SA reserves the right to modify and / or supplement these GTC at any time.

17.2 The current applicable version of the GTC can be viewed at www.UNIMOBILITY.ch and is deemed to be accepted by the user.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

18.1 The contractual relations between the parties are governed exclusively by Swiss substantive law.

18.2 The competent jurisdiction is that of the headquarters of Wattworld SA which is currently established in Geneva in Switzerland. Wattworld SA reserves the right, however, to sue the user before any other competent court.

* * *